Blood Fued

Broken Bonds of Friendship

The adventure started back at the inn, where a warmage was causing a commotion. He was protesting that he was sent by the king and was allowed to have free room and food because of it. The warmage was mischievous and played many cantrip pranks on the inn, until he upset Mizuki as he insulted him.

Mizuki after a close battle, came out victorious as he cut the warmage in half. The party later set out to the neighboring kingdom of Kator. Half way there they set up camp for the day, as Edger was the first watch. Edger was ambushed by a Dire Wolf who swiftly killed him, but he had enough time to warn the party of it.

Mizuki and Wesker, choosing not to help Edger, decided to run for it. Wesker hid in a bush and watched, as Mizuki ran for his life. The Dire Wolf found Wesker and chased him down swiftly, ripping him out of the tree he attempted to climb.

Mizuki decided to hide up a tree and watched Wesker run past, but the Dire Wolf turned its focus to him, and jumped up the tree and dragged him out of it with a ferocious bite attack. Mizuki was slain after inflicting major wounds upon the creature.

Wesker does not know of Mizuki’s death, but he assumed it happened. Wesker is now in the kingdom of Kator, very exhausted from the lack of sleep, and having to run for a day straight.

Choice: Quest or Death

The adventure begins when Edger Poe and Albert Wesker are imprisoned for starting a rebellion against the king. The king sentenced them to death through entertainment. He trained them to fight in a Colosseum as the crowd watches.

They were pushed into the ring after many months of brutal training only to find out they were not fighting against each other, but a ferocious lion that has surely slain many men in its time. All hope seemed lost until Mizuki Sasori was also pushed into the arena as the doors closed.

They fought valiantly with only Wesker receiving heavy damage. They assumed they could leave, but the crowd roared with boredom as the king clapped with amusement. The king listening to his people, had them dropped into a pit that seemed trapped, but was really a 20 ft drop as they landed. They were escorted by guards to a private room which was the Owner of the Colosseum who said they were spared under royal decree.

Later that day they were brought before the king who ordered them on a quest for the Rod of Rebirth or they would be killed where they stood. He said many past adventurer’s were sent after it but none were heard from again. Kael stole the Rod according to the guards, he once worked for the king.

The entered the small town of Westhaven where they used the documents given to them by the king that allowed them to have free stay at any inn and free food. They enjoyed these luxuries too much, because Edger fell asleep drunk at the table as the others went to their room for the night.

Edger was waken up with quite a ruckus along with the others, apparently a band of rogues were looking for a group sent on a quest by the king. Edger said he was the one they were looking for and insulted the man by asking about his wife, who in return attacked him.

Edger tried to escape but is not very logical in times of crisis, as he hid from the rogues, and casually walked back into the bar hours later where he was spotted again. He fought the rogues tooth and nail in front of the in, but if it wasn’t for the quick shots from Wesker and the powerful cutting blow from Mizuki, Edger surely would have died.


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