Giants were constructed by Tyrus himself. He used the bones left on the battlefields and melded them together into a creature Human-like but up to 3-5 times its size. He built upon the Giants natural strength gained from their sheer size.

Few Giants have ever been seen, most are talked about in rumors and fairy tales. Claiming that they are the personal guards for Tyrus himself, and that they guard the Underdark’s many entrances. Tyrus gave them their own free will, and a vast intelligence filled with imprinted memories dating back to the birth of the planet.

They are also known as The Keepers of Lore. Giants unlike the Gnolls are creatures of beauty and grace. They are not troubled by their size when it comes to stealth fully moving through the forests or remaining hidden. Giants don’t attack without reason, but do not dwell on the problems of man. They are given the gift of immortality as long as they remain loyal to Tyrus.

Every time a city falls from an evil force, it is claimed that it was a Giants doing. Rumors have it that Giants are capable of an ancient form of controlled Magic.


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