Kaos has forever existed even when there was no universe to reside in. The presence of Kaos is understood by all, but to truly understand what he is and how he exists would kill a mortal when they even come close to understanding. Kaos stands for death, justice, and revenge. He is seen as the husband of Avidia.

Kaos engaged in a century long battle with Avidia when he came out the loser. She banished him to the edge of existence, but Kaos knew that the universe never ended. He spent centuries swallowing all life in the universe and making it into an abyss, where no life could exist, just eternal darkness. He was angered by the appearance of Avidia who effortlessly undid most of his work.

She glowed so brightly that the darkness was pushed back and she created a planet where life used to be uninhabitable. She created a life source on it, which was the twisted child offspring of his and hers that she called Tristitia who manifested herself as a seemingly endless body of water. Kaos was angered by the life Tristitia was giving to the planet.

He watched in disgust as the Humans were born as well as the Dwarfs. He decided it was time that he gave birth to his own offspring. So he decided to breath a gas over the planet that seeped deep into the planet. Avidia and Tristitia thought it was nothing because nothing happened. Until the earth became scorched as all of the the grass and wildlife turned into rubble as the gravel devoured most of the life in the area. Kaos watched with happiness as his new son Tyrus battled against his sister for the destruction of all life.


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