Ogres were Tyrus’s first attempt at creating his own enslaved race. He based them off the mighty Orcs after they broke free from his evil grasp and escaped. He made them less intelligent, and increased their strength.

He put them in Ogre towns, once the Orc towns that were destroyed. He trained them in a community where only fighting solved issues. Only the strongest were the leaders and soldiers. The weakest were usually killed and eaten as food. There are few Ogre women, and the ones that exist are used as Brood Mothers whose only purpose was to give birth to children.

Ogres fought for their food, fought for a stake of land, and fought to show superiority. Ogres did not have families, and could not tell who was their offspring from selective mating with the Brood Mothers. The young were forced to fight as well. Every year, 100 Ogres would be given birth to per town, they would fight at the age of 8 until only 25 survived.

Ogres were usually born within 5-10 weeks of pregnancy, and matured so rapidly that many bones and muscles were stunted giving them a deformed appearance.


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