The Orcs used to be peaceful nomads, traveling around as they pleased. Until the Humans started to settle in the region. They claimed ownership of the land that was once free and set up fences to keep the Orcs out.

This angered the nomadic tribes, so they joined together to make a community bent on revenge. The Orcs seeked bloodshed and lived to see the fear in Humans eyes before they died.

After years of research, the Orcs set up a Capitol city in the mountains. They finally understood technology enough after spying on the Humans and the Dwarfs for years. They had little form of government or laws in these towns. Public disputes were solved by bloodshed and the victors was cheered on.

The Humans became of the rapidly evolving Orcish community which they could see in the mountains. There was constant smoke pouring out of the mountains and most of the nearby forest has been destroyed for resources. The Orcs started to get violent when they ran out of natural resources in the nearby areas.

Most Orcs forgot how to live a nomadic and independent life, so they turned to pillaging Human towns to gather resources. They later joined in an alliance with the Dwarfs to push out the Humans and Gnomes from their once peaceful region.


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