Organized religion started when the races of man started questioning their creation. There has never been a definite answer to religion, because the answers only came through visions and dreams. The visions shown a timeless void where nothing existed but the void itself. Then there was life, the life called it self Avidia and the void was known as [Kaos]]. They were complete opposites, because where ever Avidia went, life bloomed, but then Kaos swiftly devoured it.

Kaos disliked life other than itself, and wanted to be alone. So Kaos fought long and hard against Avidia but was finally defeated after centuries of battle. She banished Kaos from her sight, and sent him to the farthest end of the void. Avidia knew that without Kaos she could not exist, so she took part of his essence and merged it with her own.

A year later, she spat out a giant rock. Which orbited around her every day. She was amused by the rock, who worked like clock work. She later realized that she liked the rock because it gave her company, which she has not had since Kaos was around. She carved mountains and plains into the rock with much joy, but became sad once she realized her loneliness. She cried for a week straight, much of her tears covered the rock and filled the holes that covered the rock forming the ocean. The holy tears gave birth to lush green trees and grass.

She took much joy in her creation and cradled it constantly because it was her new baby. The tears she called the rivers and oceans that covered the planet Tristitia after the sorrow that created it. The water moved at her command and quickly sprang to life, as it gave birth to many different creatures over the years. The Humans and the Dwarfs were the first races to emerge from Tristitia the Goddess of life.

Kaos who was still angry about his recent defeat, was spying on Avidia when he noticed that her child was spreading more life to the universe. This angered him even more, he blew a gas over the planet as it seeped into the core of the world. It seemed to have no affect until half the world turned to stone and a system of caves emerged below the planet. The caves that seemed to swallow up all who entered, and the earthquakes that swallowed all attempts to settle the area.

He called the earthen monstrosity Tyrus who was destined to corrupt and destroy all life on the planet. Avidia for warned Tristitia who in return gave birth to more and more sentient races that traveled to Tyrus’s land in hopes to purify it. Tyrus corrupted those races and twisted their features into horrid different versions of their former human self. They later became various races of his own twisted design, such as the Orcs, Gnolls, the mighty Ogres, and the collasal Giants.


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