Was created when his father Kaos watched his mother Avidia give birth to his sister Tristitia with disgust. Kaos created Tyrus by breathing the essence of death over the planet as Tyrus seeped deep into the core of the planet and corrupted it from the inside out. He had the strength to take over half of the planet as he destroyed all signs of life from it. Tyrus is the God of death, justice, and rage.

He despises his sister for being alive, and nothing could make him more happy than to slay her himself. His first act of horror, was when he created the Underdark which is a system of tunnels below the planet that seemed endless. He used these tunnels to swallow the first people to enter his domain in an attempt to investigate what happened. Rumor has it that those people still exist today, in agony from being lost and starved in a dark, never ending cavern of pain.

His second act of vengence was when his sister Tristitia created a divine race of Humans to purify her brother. He split himself into two, as he pushed the race into the hole as he swallowed them whole. The few that survived he decided to harm his sister with, by corrupting their very souls and appearances. He turned them a sickly green color and made them savages who lusted for blood, he called them Orcs. He later took in many other races and corrupted them as well, creating Gnolls, Ogres, and the Giants.

Lately the races have started to clash with each other in a battle for dominance. Some Orcs have gained their freedom and wandered away from the grasps of Tyrus and lived the lives of peaceful nomads, hoping to repent for their past bloodshed that they have spread. Tyrus was angered and confused by this, and is slowly starting to reclaim and corrupt their hearts once again.


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